Our Board


Victor Montori MD
Co-founder, Chair

VIctor Montori, MD, MSc (Lima 1970), is a professor of medicine, a highly cited researcher, and a diabetes doctor at Mayo Clinic (U.S.) In 2016, Victor co-founded The Patient Revolution, a non-profit organization to translate into action the ideas proposed in his book Why We Revolt.



Phil Warburton

Phil Warburton comes from a family whose parents were dedicated to serving patients.  His father Dr. Ralph T. Warburton was an internist  in North Canton Ohio and practiced medicine for over 50 years. His mother was a registered nurse and supported his father all of his life being his first nurse. He and his father formed The Esther Lewis Warburton Patient Education Initiative in 1999. With the assistance of others, this organization helped educate patients to be advocates for themselves and their families in their relationship with healthcare professionals. They joined the KER Unit and Mayo Clinic in 2013 to further develop skill building programs and tools and expand the reach to people across the country.

Greg Epsom

Jim Hodge

Kerri Sparling

Sally Warburton

Michael Gallucci

Michael Downs

Claudia Tabini

Sheila Moroney

Our Team

The Patient Revolution is a multidisciplinary team of collaborators with backgrounds in clinical practice, clinical research, design, health policy, and storytelling. We have a broad network of patient collaborators who critique and advance our work. We've spent more than 10 years developing tools and programs to help patients and doctors communicate better. Members of our team have done extensive work in shared decision making and founded a movement for minimally disruptive medicine


Maggie Breslin

Matt Maleska
Senior Advisor