A Patient Revolution Looks Like ...

At the heart of careful and kind health care, we find people talking with and listening to each other. And yet these powerful acts of honest discussion are often dismissed because they seem so ordinary. We want to try and shine a light on the power of conversation and engagement. We want you to draw from past experience and your vision for the future to tell us what a patient revolution looks like.

Maybe a patient revolution looks like a clinician saying "I didn't know that about your life."  (We heard this from a clinician who used our reflection tool!)
Maybe a patient revolution looks like a doctor giving you a lizard to carry around in your purse to remind you to quiet your lizard brain. (We heard this story from a #DSMA twitter chat.)

What does YOUR patient revolution look like? 


Please share what a patient revolution looks like to YOU by sending your photos and captions to submissions@patientrevolution.org.  We want to hear from you!  And we want to share your stories, because they matter the most. 

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