Things our team can't stop thinking about...

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Matt Maleska, co-director, can't stop thinking about ProPublica's investigative report on the large number of unexpired prescription drugs thrown away each year. "The story is such a powerful example of a systemic problem in clear opposition to our values, but held in place by habit and regulation. And then you have Iowa who did something about it. A reminder that change can happen when the forces start moving in the same direction."

Victor Montori MD, chair, is thinking about The Enigma of Reason. "I can't get out of my head the notion that the most intellectual and intimidate of our cognitive functions, reasoning, may have evolved for use in groups. This would mean that certain forms of cooperation to make sound decisions such as deliberative democracy in politics or shared decision making in medicine may be using our brains optimally, and that situations or procedures that force people into reasoning alone (traditional medical model, university education, suffering) may disadvantage the loner. "

Maggie Breslin, co-director, has a game called Hello on her mind. "Hello, created by the Common Practice team, is a conversation game about living, dying, and what matters most.  I had the chance to play with some medical students a few years ago, and I remember being asked, 'What would be on your tombstone?'  I responded, 'She chose her battles.' I wonder what these participants will take from their experience." See a video of the event for a glimpse into the simple intimacies Hello fosters, and how powerful and beautiful those moments can be.