#WhyWeRevolt and How We Tweetchat

Interested in checking out our #WhyWeRevolt Tweetchats but unsure how to jump in?  Here are some tips and tricks for joining and engaging in our monthly online discussions:

1.     What’s a Tweetchat?  A Tweetchat is a discussion that takes place through Twitter.  At a specific time (ours is 6 pm PT/9 pm ET on Monday, November 12), Twitter users log on and follow the #WhyWeRevolt hashtag and the @PatientRev Twitter account for the discussion questions.  Each question is numbered and when you participate, you use those same numbers in your answers (to help keep track of the discussion).  Check out this post about one of our previous Tweetchats for an example of what that might look like.

2.      Sign up for a Twitter account.  While you don’t need a Twitter account in order to lurk on our open discussions, you’ll need one in order to actively participate.  Go to Twitter.com and sign up for an account – you can use your computer or an app on your smartphone to walk you through the sign up steps.

3.     Follow @PatientRev.  The Patient Revolution team has a Twitter account and the questions are sent out from that account.  Follow us at @PatientRev.

4.     Follow the hashtag #WhyWeRevolt.  Our Tweetchat is anchored around a hashtag (aka a phrase with a # in front of it – it’s how Twitter threads conversations about a specific topic) – our hashtag is #WhyWeRevolt.  You can put that hashtag into search.twitter.com in order to see some of our past discussions, and on the nights of the Twitter chat, including #WhyWeRevolt in your Tweets highlights your contributions to the greater group. 

5.     Check out Why We Revolt.  While Why We Revolt is not required reading for the Tweetchats, it is recommended reading.  Each month, we tackle a chapter or topic from the book and do a deep dive as a group.  You can order a copy of the book here, and there are audio and digital versions of the book as well, if you need instant access.

If you have specific questions, feel free to reach out to the Patient Revolution team at support@patientrevolution.org.  We look forward to chatting with everyone!