Repairing broken trust

I’ve read many point of view stories about the deterioration of the patient-clinician relationship, detailed essays about the ways in which miscommunication or lack of communication fail both parties and lead to hurt feelings, regret, frustration, and suffering. But I can’t remember many stories of attempts to repair; to acknowledge, forgive and try again.

In her essay, Trust is the Essence of the Doctor-Patient Relationship, Sharon Ben-Or, MD, a physician who plays the role of patient in this story, details the unique and yet utterly common way in which trust can be eroded and then the simple, yet herculean effort necessary to try and repair it. This is a skill that all of us - patients and clinicians - need to get better at. Having a glimpse into what all parts of that look and feel like, seems like a good way to start.


Have you got a story about trust eroded and trust repaired? Tell us!