Join Us on October 15 for the Next #WhyWeRevolt Chat


On Monday, October 15th at 9 pm ET / 6 pm PT, you’ll find the Patient Revolution team over on Twitter hosting our monthly Why We Revolt book chat. For October, we’ll be discussing solidarity in healthcare. (Check out this video for more on author Victor Montori’s vision for a healthcare system based on solidarity and love.)

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September 10th Twitter Chat - Cruelty


On Monday, September 10th at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT, the Patient Revolution returns to the Twittersphere for another #WhyWeRevolt chat.  (Check out a recap of our debut Twitter chat here.) 

This time, we’re going into full book club mode and will be talking about the Cruelty chapter from Why We Revolt.  To join the conversation, follow @PatientRev on Twitter and keep tabs on the #WhyWeRevolt hashtag

And if you're interested in picking up a copy of Why We Revolt for this and future book club chats, check out this link.  See you on the 10th!

Careful and Kind Care in Nonprofit Quarterly

The Patient Revolution co-founder, Victor Montori, was featured in a recent article in Nonprofit Quarterly, talking about greed, corruption, and the change necessary to realign healthcare:

Establishing trust is the heart of good medicine. But few patients and doctors experience this “caring relationship” anymore. Montori, in his book, Why We Revolt, proffers a solution: a patient revolution demanding what he calls, “careful and kind care,” delivered by a system grounded in integrity not greed. This is not a consumer movement that seeks change within existing structures. Montori is calling for a social movement, where patients—who are also citizens—rise up to say they have had enough.
— Karen Kahn, "When Money Drives Nonprofit Health, Clinician Burnout Follows and Patient Care Falls"

Power of the Patient Podcast and Why We Revolt

Power of the Patient, a new podcast from "ePatient Dave" deBronkart, sat down with Victor Montori recently to talk about the Patient Revolution and the goal of careful and kind care.

At the start of his book Why We Revolt Dr. Victor Montori of the Mayo Clinic says, “Healthcare has corrupted its mission: it has stopped caring, and I am not going along with it.” He’s sharp – cited in 86,000 medical articles! – yet he’s so, so caring, and truly wants us all (patients and clinicians alike) to demand the chance to give, and get, careful and kind care. 
— Power of the Patient

You can listen to the full discussion between Dave and Victor by clicking this link - it'll take you to the podcast page.  Let us know what you think!

Our Debut #WhyWeRevolt Tweetchat

Last month, the Patient Revolution team took to Twitter to host our first #WhyWeRevolt tweetchat.  We want to get to know the folks who are sharing their stories and engaging in these conversations about moving healthcare to something that is careful and kind, and we kicked off our first chat by taking a look at Victor Montori's book, Why We Revolt.  

Our questions were centered around the language of the book and the discussion online was exciting. We have picked a few of our favorite Tweets in case you missed the chat.  Enjoy the read, and if you'd like to see all of the discussion, take a look at the #WhyWeRevolt hashtag on Twitter.  Our next Tweetchat will be announced soon!  

August 7th Tweetchat!

Thanks to the engaging and inspiring discussion we had last month, we're returning to Twitter on Tuesday, August 7th for our second #WhyWeRevolt Tweetchat.  This edition will take place on August 7th at 6 pm PT / 9 pm ET through Twitter.  Tune into the @patientrev Twitter account for questions on August 7th, and follow the discussion via the hashtag #whywerevolt.

This month, we'll be talking about digital tools and how they help, or hinder, careful and kind care.  There's a lot to unpack there, and we're excited to hear everyone's take.  

We'd love to have you join this discussion, so mark your calendars for August 7th and we'll see you there! 

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Language Matters

Victor Montori's book, Why We Revolt, invites patients and clinicians alike to change not only the way we look at healthcare, but also how we talk about healthcare.  We asked, "Why is this shift in language important?"

Language shapes the way we see, think, and act. Today, industrial healthcare and those seeking to shape it rely on industrial terms and therefore industrial thinking to respond to its problems and to improve. Problems of access, throughput and value don’t reveal the tragedy of people suffering without care that responds to their situation. Efforts to improve efficiency - value by its less glamorous name - drive the need to blur the differences between people  - patients and clinicians - to make them interchangeable, and what they do standardized. Making people a blur makes care generic, ineffective. And ineffective care cannot be efficient. Industrial efforts sound good particularly when the need to spend less is ever more acute.

And yet, profits soar and tax funded safety net programs languish because of austerity and ideology. The problem is greed. And caring must respond to challenges of waste not with efficiency to fuel greed but with elegance that makes solidarity viable. Language matters. We don’t want industrial healthcare. We need careful and kind care. I trust that the actions we will take, the decisions we will make, the debates we will have, and the social compacts we will forge will be dramatically different when lovingly wrapped in the language of care. 

Join us on July 17 on Twitter for our first digital book club about Why We Revolt.  Follow @PatientRev on Twitter for details, and if you need more information on how to participate in a tweetchat, check out this blog post.