A Discussion of Cardiovascular Health in Women



This informal, peer-to-peer session is designed to create a space for women to think, feel, and talk about their cardiovascular health. It will touch on factors unique to a woman’s experience. Attendees will receive information about how their “biology” and “biography” may impact their cardiovascular health and will participate in activities that help them consider important decisions such as whether to take a statin medication or a blood pressure lowering medication, or changes to other aspects of their lives like diet and exercise.

Events are typically hosted by a member of the community and held in someone’s home, the library, or other community space. The session are facilitated by Maggie Breslin of The Patient Revolution and cardiologists Dr. Erica Spatz and Dr. Lisa Freed.

If you are interested in hosting an event, let us know.

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Risk Calculators

These risk calculators can help patients and clinicians estimate risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Risk Calculator that includes Calcium Score

Lifetime risk calculator (Validated in people under 55)

Risk reduction associated with lifestyle and medication


This decision aid is designed to be used by clinicians and patients in conversation about statins. If you are interested in using this tool, consider sharing it with your clinician.

Statin Choice Decision Aid

This program to support shared decision making is being developed by researchers in the Yale Cardiovascular Medicine department and the team at The Patient Revolution. The work is funded by the Alpha Phi Foundation as part of a grant to develop activities and tools for women to help them decide about whether statins are right for them.