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Victor Montori, co-founder of The Patient Revolution wrote Why We Revolt to critique the problems of industrial healthcare and speak to the vision of a healthcare system grounded in the ideas of connection and care. All proceeds go to support our mission. Find out more. Buy a signed copy. Start a book club in your community. Join us for our monthly twitter chats as we deep dive on each chapter.




BMJ Head to Head: AI

As part of BMJ’s Head to Head series, Michael Mittleman, Sarah Markham, and Mark Taylor captured the frustration of the hype around AI which never seems to put much value in human connections. Read Stop hyping artificial intelligence—patients will always need human doctors.

The therapeutic power of the human-clinician encounter depends on a relationship between two humans who both can fully contextualise and appreciate the patient’s values, wishes, and preferences.
— Michael Mittleman, Sarah Markham, Mark Taylor