THE PATIENT REVOLUTION & the Warburton Family

Dr Ralph and Esther Warburton

Dr Ralph and Esther Warburton

The Patient Revolution emerged from a collaboration between the Knowledge and Evaluation Research (KER) Unit at Mayo Clinic and the Warburton Family. The Warburton Family's focus on developing interventions for patient-centered care overlapped powerfully with the research and development the KER Unit was doing into the challenges of decision making and collaborative care in the clinical setting. Both groups recognized a unique opportunity to join forces and explore opportunities for advocacy and expansion.

Dr Ralph T Warburton, a family physician in Canton, Ohio, serves as our model in advocating for caring, compassionate relationships between clinicians and patients. He made it his mission to know his patients' stories.. He benefited from a shared background and community with his patients and emphasized the importance of understanding his patients' lives when considering care options. When he retired, over 5000 of his patients were invited to attend his reception.

The world we live in now is different, but a caring relationship is arguably more important to achieving health. It is under threat from healthcare movements that advance efficiency and standardization above all else, forgetting that people aren't widgets on a factory line, forgetting that understanding context is a necessary part of providing care.

The Warburton Family wants every visit to a healthcare professional to feel like a visit to Dr Warburton. They graciously continue to advance the mission of careful and kind care through their support of The Patient Revolution. The Patient Revolution was incubated at the Mayo Clinic and continues a partnership with the KER Unit .