Story Library

Do abstract ideas like love and cruelty belong in conversations about our healthcare? We think they do. And we think the best way to understand them is to look at others experiences and consider our own. People have been sending in their stories and we are attempting to organize and share them here. We encourage you to browse and see what fits with your experience. And maybe send us your story.  


Love should be part of healthcare.  And if the word “love” seems wrong and uncomfortable for healthcare discussions, that discomfort illustrates how far away we are from a true system of care.  Because the word "profit" should be more jarring, and yet "love" is what makes people cringe.  We share these stories to show the power of love in healthcare. 


The busy, frenetic pace of the healthcare system can leave patients and clinicians feeling like they are caught in a blur.  From over-scheduled clinicians to over-burdened patients, people become reduced to numbers and time slots.  Read stories from our Library about bringing focus and kindness back to the clinical encounter.


Greed is a major reason why some of the best ideas will not become action.  When you come to the logic of care, it's most cruel to have the opportunity to save a life and then price people out of that opportunity.  These stories show what happens when greed surpasses good. 


The current system often runs on cruelty, absent forgiveness and conversation and instead feeds the blur and greed of industrialized healthcare.  These stories highlight moments of cruelty, and we share them in hopes of change.


Instead of taking care of people “like you,” healthcare should take care of YOU.  These stories show how being careful, and being kind, can change healthcare on all sides.


The revolution has roots in the relationships between patients and clinicians who see one another as fellow human beings.  It can start by feeling heard.  And being seen.  And it can flourish by being partners in the journey towards good health.