Cared for the whole of me

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In college, I had the university’s PCP take care of all my diabetic needs. She was always encouraging me to take better care of myself and maintain a stable HbA1c. I talked about it but struggled to reach my goals. After two years of trying, I finally hit my goal and she called me after she got my lab results, cheering for me and was super happy about it. I’ve never seen anyone be so enthusiastic about my results and it truly stuck with me. That doctor truly cared over my well being.

The second was during my high risk pregnancy with my daughter. I was referred to a perinatologist to monitor my insulin pump and dosages. He immediately ordered a continuous glucose monitor which truly changed the course of my diabetic management. And despite all the worries and the panic of the occassional high blood sugars during pregnancy, he kept me calm. His guidance and instructions continue to help me maintain my health. I’ve truly learned a lot in the nine months under his care. When baby was born, I was truly sad that I don’t get to work with this doctor anymore.