Kindness touching a nerve

We had a new chronic condition diagnosed and an oral medicine that needed to be taken 4x/day 30 minutes before each meal or snack.

This was somehow VERY DIFFICULT both to remember and to do with correct timing. You’d think (or I thought) it would be easy for people with diabetes to add in this small extra step, since we already have to think ahead about every bite. But it was HARD for us.

We had a doctor, a fellow, who gave the impression of having plenty of time to listen, ask how it was going. We said it actually felt really burdensome to have to take this medicine and she told us she’d see about getting rid of it, since they weren’t confident it was even having any effect.

That was so awesome. We are so happy to not have to take that stupid medicine.

She probably listened for 30 minutes to me describing how hard it was to get the medicine ready at the right times. I feel any other doctor would have just said to keep trying harder, or would have been worried about eliminating a drug that might be helping the condition.

This kindness really touched a nerve!

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