Being seen as a human being

I was just a year or two out of college and I was not getting anywhere in finding relief for Ulcerative Colitis. The GI doctor I had been going to just gave me the same story every time, I never felt like I was being heard. He was not even open to trying different or newly approved treatments. I ended up switching to our local teaching hospital when I was running out of mental and physical energy to keep fighting. They were able to get me into a last minute appointment. During that appointment, we went through my disease and medication history and all of the normal things, and then the doctor looked at me and told me "You deserve to live your life." and I cried. I had never heard anyone, let alone a physician, recognize that. I had been so wrapped up in the daily task of managing symptoms and trying to manage life, that I had barely recognized it myself. It was the first time that a doctor had ever recognized that I was a whole person, not just a vessel of symptoms.

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Being seen as a human made me feel SO much more validated, and also I was able to trust that I was in much better hands with this team. And it was true, they worked with me to find the treatment that I am on now, and I've been in remission for years. It has made all the difference.