Student Groups

The Patient Revolution is interested in sponsoring interest groups for medical, nursing, pharmacy and public health students. 

Provide speakers and discussion opportunities to explore challenges and opportunities in balancing the demands of professional practice and the desire to stay connected to patients and caring.

Provide service and volunteer opportunities for students to connect with patients and gather patient stories. 

Provide opportunities for students to co-develop and contribute to the implementation and spread of tools and programs under The Patient Revolution banner. For example, tools to help educate patients on how they might bring up difficult issues with clinicians in a way that is more comfortable and empowering for them, strategies to educate physicians on how they can better address such concerns in the clinic/hospital setting, and ways to engage within the community. 

Allow students to write and share their own experiences via blogging and other media forms.



Students for Patient Advocacy Interest Group, Mayo Medical School

SCHOOLS using our tools

Winona State University Nursing School