Join the Revolution

You, the actions you take and the stories you tell are The Patient Revolution. Here are some ways for you to get involved. 

Mammography Event

Read the book! (100% of the proceeds go to support The Patient Revolution!)


Give the book to someone else. Maybe your doctor? (Include a note about why you want them to read it. Tell us what happens.)


Are you connected to a patient or caregiver advocacy group? Maybe we could collaborate on a twitter chat? or share about our tools with your group? (email us)


Spend a few minutes with the reflection document. What surprised you most? Maybe share at your next appointment?


Sign up for our newsletter.


Watch Victor's talk about making evidence care.


Have something you want to talk to your doctor about but not sure how? Practice with our Plan Your Conversation cards.


Follow us (@patientrev) on twitter.


Are you a woman between 35-45? Would you like to host a discussion about mammography screening?


Does your clinic have a patient advisory group? Consider participating. Advocate for the revolution from within. Reach out. We'll help. 


Tell us your stories about careful and kind care.


Watch Victor's TEDx talk, A Proposal for a Patient Revolution



Share the book with your fellow clinicians. Host a discussion. 


Try some small experiments with our tools. Tell us what you learned.







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