Why We Revolt Digital Book Club

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Welcome to the Why We Revolt Digital Book Club. We’re created this page to support conversations about the book Why We Revolt in communities across the county. The ideas that inform The Patient Revolution, including the corruption of the system that has led to industrial healthcare and the solidarity necessary to lead us to careful and kind care, aren’t always easy to grasp. With this page, we hope to provide some tools and support and a ready ear as we all grapple with how we got here and where we want to go.


Need more books? Order more books for your book club.

Discussion Guide We’ve put together a discussion guide to help you and your Why We Revolt book club do a deep dive into careful and kind care.

Virtual Victor The next best thing to having Victor Montori at your book club is this video. Victor goes deep on the questions in the discussion guide and talks a bit about where the ideas for the book came from.

Chapter Notes. Explore some of the readings, videos, and materials that Victor used when writing the book.

You. Have a story inspired by the book or the book club? Send it to us. You can submit stories for our story library or send us a short video response. We’ll gather them up and add them here.

Additional reading. Once you’ve got the themes of Why We Revolt in your head, check out some other articles about healthcare and see how it changes your reading of them. A few to start with …

Why Doctors Hate their Computers (Atul Gawande, The New Yorker)

This City’s Overdose Deaths Have Plunged. Can Others Learn from it? (Abby Goodnough, NY Times)

When Evidence Says No, But Doctors Say Yes (David Epstein and Propublica, The Atlantic)

A personal thank you from Victor Montori for your support of the Patient Revolution.


Consider mixing up the invitees. Make an effort to expand the perspectives. Think about how to get patients, caregivers, and clinicians together. Are you part of a clinicians reading group? Invite a few patients to participate. Is there a medical school or nursing school in your town? See if some students want to join. If you want help, reach out to us. We’re happy to shake our connections tree and see if we can help introduce some new reading buddies.

The essays in the book are short. Use that. We know how busy everyone is. Consider reading the book slowly and doing a weekly or monthly chat about each essay during the lunch hour or after work.

Integrate the book into your existing social media events. Do you host a chat? Use these themes of the book as conversation starters. Start a small conversation for an invited group on text message or Facebook. We’ve been hosting a monthly twitter chat book club on the chapters of the book, under the hashtag #WhyWeRevolt. The next one is on Dec 17 at 9p ET/6p PT on Love. Join us.

Start a book club lending library. Once your book club group has read Why We Revolt, consider donating the books to another group that might benefit from discussing the themes. You can even make the book club books and materials available at your local library.

Share your stories. We’ve been thrilled by the number of stories that have made their way back to us. They help us understand the reality of what cruelty and love and solidarity and blur look and feel like for people. We capture them in our ever expanding story library. Add yours.